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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I request for customisation?

Of course, customisation is our specialty.  We can customise according to your preference of flowers, gifts and even budget.  Drop me a message at 90256971 to find out more.  Do give us at least 3 days in advance to design the most suitable gift.   



How do I care for the flowers?

Fresh flower bouquets

Remove the flowers from the wrapper and cotton after 1-2 days.  Trim the stems by cutting the ends at a slant of about 1inch.  Replace them in a clean vase of fresh water.   Repeat regularly every 1-2 days.  Keep the display away from direct sunlight at a cool spot as much as possible. Remove any withered petals and leaves from the water to prevent contamination.

The fresh flowers should be able to last 3-5 days due to the humid and hot climate of Singapore.   

Table Arrangements, Gifts with flowers 

The fresh flowers are arranged using a wet sponge which supplies constant water source for the flowers.  Depending on the size of the arrangement, pour enough water around and onto the sponge until the sponge feels damp to touch.  Do not over soak the sponge with excess water flowing out of the sponge.  Remove any withered petals and leaves from the arrangement to prevent contamination.  Put the arrangement away from direct sunlight and at a cool spot as much as possible.

Fresh flowers should be able to last 3-5 days due to the humid and hot climate of Singapore.

Preserved flowers

Preserved flowers are natural flowers being treated with rehydration and colouring process.  They are different from dried flowers.

  • Do NOT Water
  • Do NOT expose to direct sunlight or strong light
  • Avoid contact with anything wet
  • Display at low humidity areas
  • Blow off dust with a dryer at cool air from a moderate distance
  • Due to Singapore’s high humidity, the petals will turn transparent throughout time
  • RESIST touching and your beautiful flowers will last for months to years! 



How do I order? 

Please screenshot the product and whatsapp to 90256971.   We will be in touch with you for further details as well as payment method. 


What are the slots for delivery ?


FREE DELIVERY unless otherwise stated. 

No delivery to offshore islands including Sentosa and Jurong island, military camps, MBS and any restricted areas and hospitals.

Re-delivery will be chargeable at $15 at our available slot. 


Who does the delivery? 

We deliver our creations personally to ensure the product is well taken care of till it reaches your love ones.

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